Contemporary World Policy, Politics and International Relations

We are living in a world village where countries are highly connected to their internal and external issues. Nowadays, different issues such as democracy, human rights, women empowerment, freedom of speech and intra-state con- flicts have become important parts of international relations and world politics. On the other hand, the war in Syria, the crisis in Palestine and Arakan, refugee crisis in the Middle East and Asia are describing as the burning issues of the world politics in the last decade. All these issues of international relations and world politics should be researched and analyzed and should find the appropri- ate ways of implementation and correct solutions for making a livable world. Considering the importance of these matters, we have placed important issues of policy, politics and international relations of the contemporary world in this book. It is a collection of 17 published research papers and articles of some prominent researchers covering policy, migration, history, military, conflict and international relations. These articles will explore important issues of the con- temporary world with positive solutions and constructive guidelines.