Since human beings can understand the value of being healthy only when they are sick, the importance of health professionals and medical education is understood more clearly every day due to the rapidly increasing number of patients and the diversity of diseases. The intertwined composition of basic and clinical medical sciences is the main element that forms the infrastructure of health sciences and medical education. In the field of health, the number of scientific publications and scientific organizations organized on academic platforms that reveal the importance and necessity of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary practices in all respects, and thus more efficient results can be obtained has been increasing recently. With the advancement of technology, different perspectives, innovative research, and treatment methods, and even new branches of science are developing in the field of health sciences. Today, although a well-equipped and harmonious team, a long time, intensive effort, socio-economic opportunities, and a working process to be carried out with perseverance, principles, and patience are necessary for these developments, it has become so easy to access all these scientific publications and academic resources as a result of the digital age. The scientific texts in this book are the product of the devoted and meticulous work of academicians in different branches and each of whom is an expert in their field. Our aim in writing this work is to present different topics in basic and clinical sciences in the field of medicine, without subject limitation, from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective, in a comprehensive, clear, and understandable language without boring the reader, and to ensure that you benefit from it as a source of information and reference for students, academicians, everyone interested in health sciences and you, our valued readers. Each chapter in this book has been blindly refereed and the academic and legal responsibility belongs to the relevant department authors.