The production of high-molecular compounds, including oligomers, polymers and elastomers, is one of the areas of science that have been developing rapidly since the mid- twentieth century. This is due to the fact that the technologies for their production are relatively simple, the raw material bases are sufficient, they are cheap, light, easy to form, resistant to various temperatures and aggressive environments and have many indicators. Therefore, the global demand for macromolecules and composites obtained on their basis continues to grow by about 20-25% per year. Currently, the demand for high-molecular compounds based adhesives, coatings, electrical insulating materials, fibers, construction materials, rubber of various purposes, inhibitors, friction materials, household and medical products, and other composites is evidence of this. For this reason, in accordance with the growing demand for high-molecular compounds, their synthesis, modification and study must meet modern requirements. According to these requirements, first of all, students should be provided with extensive information on the direction of obtaining and studying any macromolecules in laboratory conditions.