In the 21st century, individuals are expected to be able to interpret the problems they encounter holistically and to solve them by considering them from different aspects with a multidisciplinary perspective. This expectation also shows itself in national and international studies. Recently, there has been an increase in multidisciplinary studies in many fields, especially in education and social sciences. Studies on a multidisciplinary perspective, which is based on examining a concept, subject or problem by considering the knowledge and methods of more than one discipline, or integrating it with different knowledge and skills by centering a certain subject / theme or problem, are very important for the literature. Multidisciplinary perspective has many benefits such as making sense of information, gaining multi- dimensional thinking skills and different perspectives, establishing relationships between different content and topics, and motivating learners and teachers. For this reason, there is a need to increase the number of publications that will develop a multidisciplinary perspective.