Having its own principles and practices in the process from farm to fork, organic farming is extremely important for a sustainable agricultural system and human health. The European Union (EU) announced the “European Green Deal” on November 11, 2019, as a commitment to take firm and assertive steps on environmental and social sustainability issues. On May 20, 2020, it adopted the “Farm to Fork Strategy” for a fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system and the “Biodiversity Strategy” for eradicating the destruction of nature. Within the framework of these strategies, the use of pesticides will be reduced by 50%, the use of chemical fertilizers by 20%, the sales of antimicrobials by 50%, and organic farming areas will be enlarged to constitute 25% of the total agricultural land until 2030. It will be ensured that at least 10% of agricultural areas will have achieved high biodiversity by then.