There has been a significant development in science for a century or more, which has been quite accelarated for the past twenty-thirty years. The idea behind the present book lays on presenting a part of the ongoing studies in Faculty of Science and Engineering, Architecture and Design Faculty of Bartin University. This book is a compilation of five chapters relating to chemistry, biochemistry and physical chemistry. In the first chapter of this book, synthesis and theoretical applications on chemosensors obtained by condensation of quinoline carboxaldehyde and aminoanthracene has been reported, in the second chapter, sulfonamide inhibitors have been discussed as potential treatment for acute myeloid leukemia, in the third chapter, a wide information has been reveled in the area of biophotovoltaics, in the fourth chapter, research results from bioactivity of N-substituted cyclic derivatives of thiourea and phenylthiourea has been presented, in the fifth chapter, TADF properties of pyrazine based OLEDs are examined.