Whilst world’s climate crises worsen, the crucial limitations of natural assets are quickly dwindling. Since agriculture is the initial step of the food chain, the basic concepts of sustainability in agriculture are to protect the soil, and nature, agriculture and livestock resources while increasing productivity in agriculture with providing sufficient and quality food to insure the food security for the rapidly increasing world population. Both food and nutrition security is one of the key issues for current and close future of humanity. Thus, we have to practice the most effective agricultural activities in order to provide the maximum and best quality yield from the unit area of agricultural lands. In a drastically changing world, considering the changing climate and changing needs, different disciplines come together to provide innovative remedies, and we aim to determine and find solutions to the problems of the world we live in together with interdisciplinary approaches. In this context, new engineering sciences including the application of interdisciplinary engineering sciences such as Biosystems Engineering and Bioengineering to biological systems and processes have emerged, bringing together complementary and comparative studies in changing condition s, and increasing interdisciplinary studies with the application of multidisciplinary approaches and opportunities. In the book in your hand, you will find the comparative studies of different disciplines such as agricultural engineering, biosystem engineering, livestock, agricultural economics, and soil science for the changing world and climate conditions. We would like to thank our respected colleagues for their contributions to the book and engineering science via their scientific investigations, and we wish the best of success to the readers and all science enthusiasts who pursue multidisciplinary studies.