Underwear production is one of the most difficult areas of apparel. The quality of the materials and accessories used in a product that requires very little material, such as a bra, is of great importance. An undesirable small mistake may prevent the use of the product. Therefore, product quality is also very important in this field. It is possible to classify underwear in various ways. However, all of them are like a second skin that directly touches the skin and wraps the body after the skin. Therefore, it is very important that underwear be comfortable and comfortable. The raw material of the fabric used, the finishing processes, dyeing, pattern, sewing and all the accessories used should be carefully selected. Materials and accessories that may pose a health threat should never be used. With the increase in needs and expectations, functional underwear products have been developed alongside conventional underwear models. Medical underwear, underwear for nursing mothers and sports underwear are some of them. As with other types of clothing, underwear has been one of the most important factors determining status in recent years. The stance of the top garment, the self-confidence, comfort and comfort of the person varies depending on the characteristics of the underwear worn. For this reason, especially in recent years, the variety of underwear products in women’s wardrobes has increased.