Dear health workers and all our readers who care about health, We have published this book thanks to our dear friends who walk a long road called science. When starting a job, it should be remembered that it is extremely important to maintain it. For this reason, our high-level stakeholders bear great responsibilities in scientific platforms. Their guidance to the scientists who came after them should be an inspiration for them to take their scientific activities further. Knowledge and fondness grow when shared. In addition to being in a very busy work pace in our age, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the world for the last few years, has made our living conditions difficult. In addition, this situation increased the importance of the concept of health even more. We reminded once again of the importance of not only healthcare professionals but also all individuals making efforts to solve their health problems. For this reason, it has become mandatory for all scientists outside the field of health to work with us and produce multidisciplinary solutions. In the age of technology we live in, distances have become closer, sharing has increased, and our chance of integrating each branch of science with others became easier.